Brendan Ryan, CEO, Nomadic: running a global immigration tech startup after 4 decades of experience

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????For episode 39 of the GMI Rocket show, my guest is someone with an incredibly impressive career spanning the entire globe and ending in immigration tech: Brendan Ryan, CEO of Nomadic!

Brendan has had an illustrious career. First, he spent more than 2 decades in Australian government: Department of Immigration, embassies in the Philippines and Hong Kong, and India to name a few.

Brendan then moved to private practice, first as a partner at PwC’s Australian immigration practice and eventually at Fragomen, where he spent over 16 years in offices around the world.

Finally, in 2019, Brendan became the CEO of Nomadic, a business visa and document procurement company, which spun out of Fragomen.

Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

????Brendan’s early years & how he got his first job in Australia’s Dep’t of Immigration

????Working for the Australian government around the world

????How and why Brendan switched to private practice when he joined PwC

????Brenda’s eventual move to Fragomen, and his experience there for nearly 2 decades

????How Nomadic was born, and his journey to becoming CEO

????What Nomadic does, what’s coming, and Brendan’s vision for the future of immigration tech

And more!

So please join in, leave a comment or ask a question!

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