DigitalFUTURES Talk: New Media Architectures

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DigitalFUTURES New Media Architecture(s): A Vision for Change in the Arts, Design, & Sciences Panel.

New Media Architecture(s), or NMA, are the flows, shapes, and spaces as information that redefine our world. NMA spaces can be qualified by a formalization of space and time, while also quantified by computational models that attempt to synthetically mimic complex systems behaviors, manmade or natural. This panel explores the conceptual implications of a new vision for change in contemporary research practice combining the Arts and Sciences. What new agent-based behaviors, shape grammars, and paradigms of experiences can be discovered? What new collaborative forms of arts, theory, and science(s) can be speculated while challenging canonical definitions of the Digital in the computational sciences, including Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computation? This panel brings leaders of Media Arts and Computational Science researchers together to discuss the state of the Arts, Humanities, and the Sciences. Finally, this dialogue will build on a series of past panels to investigate our understanding of the potential of Digital Futures: “AI and Creativity,” “Interactive Design,” and “Immersive Robotic Environments.”


Dr. Haru Hyunkyung Ji

Dr. Graham Wakefield

Elyne Legarnisson
Interactive Architecture Lab

Danielle Siembieda

Weidi Zhang

Şölen Kiratli
UCSD Visual Arts Department

Dr. Hannah E. Wolfe
Colby College
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